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We welcome you to Excel Chiropractic, where Dr. Perry Langston and Dr. Corey Touney have joined forces to become the most trusted chiropractic clinic in Sioux Falls. Improving the overall health of our clients is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we focus on the four core areas of wellness including:


Pain Care, Recovery Care, and Wellness Care

When you know better, you do better; when you do better, you feel better; when you feel better, you live better. At Excel, our approach to chiropractic care involves a doctor/client partnership in which we empower you to heal your body’s nervous system through a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical health improvement program that is customized to you. It boils down to us understanding your issues, pinpointing their source, informing you of your options, and developing a whole-body treatment plan to improve your life. We utilize chiropractic techniques that have proven themselves to be highly effective, which are the diversified method and activator methods.


We intend that your visit to our office be as stress-free as possible. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by Kari, who will introduce you to our sign-in process and give you a brief tour of our facility. Next, you’ll visit our consultation room where you’ll fill out a brief health questionnaire describing your current lifestyle and health concerns. Kari will provide you with some reading materials to familiarize yourself with our care philosophy, and then she’ll hand your information over to the doctor to review before he meets with you.

Chiropractic Techniques

We’ve developed an approach to chiropractic care based on techniques that have proven to be highly effective at improving spinal biomechanics and reducing nervous system interference.

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