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From Sick Care to Well Care

My journey to understanding the value of whole-body wellness began long before I decided to become a chiropractor. My parents were both nurses in traditional medical settings, so it was only natural that I gained a symptom-care view of healthcare.

As a 14-year-old with a high school sports injury involving my back, I had my first experience with chiropractic care. At the time, chiropractors were considered “out there” by many standard medical professionals, so I was understandably hesitant. Dr. Mike assured me that chiropractic was indeed legitimate and centered on treating the body’s nerve system. He explained that he was like an electrician; while he didn’t create the electricity, he could provide maintenance checks on the system to ensure everything was working like it was designed to. If something in the system wasn’t functioning properly, he could make adjustments to get things back on track.

While I’d like to say that chiropractic care became a part of my healthcare routine from that day on, it wasn’t so. After my original care plan was completed and my issue solved, I only returned to see Dr. Mike when my symptoms flared up. However, I never forgot Dr. Mike’s patience as he explained chiropractic to me, nor his efforts to put my mind at ease.

Years later, I began to see the difference between healthcare and sick care, and I decided to become a chiropractor myself. I went on to graduate from Northwest College of Chiropractic. I think of Dr. Mike with every patient I treat, and I recommit myself to providing the same compassionate, empowering wellness care he offered me!

My wife, Monica, and I have two sons, Carson and Cole. We love spending time outdoors. I am a recovering Vikings fan.