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Take the First Step to Better Health

When you know better, you do better; when you do better, you live better; when you live better, you feel better. Contact Excel Chiropractic to begin your wellness journey today!


When you know better, you do better; when you do better, you feel better; when you feel better, you live better. At Excel, our approach to chiropractic care involves a doctor/client partnership in which we empower you to heal your body’s nervous system through a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical health improvement program that is customized to you. It boils down to us understanding your issues, pinpointing their source, informing you of your options, and developing a whole-body treatment plan to improve your life.

The body does what the brain tells it to do:

  • Information, or messages, is sent back and forth though the nerves in your spinal cord.
  • When the bones of your spine aren’t moving properly, the messages get nerve “interference” and you r body cannot function optimally.
  • Those nerve interferences are called VERTERBRAL SUBLUXATIONS.

When you have subluxations in your spine, bad things happen:

  • Pain,
  • Inability to recover,
  • And Lowered health

Have you ever tried to tie your shoe with one hand? You might be able to get the job done, but it is more difficult and takes much longer. Subluxations in your body are very similar to this; when you are subluxated, everything takes longer and it is harder for your body to perform optimally.

*Chiropractic Works because when you are subluxated, brain to body information exchange is being interfered.
** Chiropractic Works because when subluxations are adjusted, your body will be able to do what it NEEDS to do and what it WANTS to do such as:
  • Relive pain
  • Recover from an injury or chronic condition
  • and Be Healthy!
How you use chiropractic care is up to you. We recommend:

The Choice is YOURS!

If you are subluxated, chiropractic can help you.

Know Why You Are Here

Knowing why you are here helps you (and us) focus on your unique needs. You getting the most out of your care depends, in part, on how good we are at communicating. Choosing the care that best suites your needs is one of the most important first steps in designing your specific care plan. You will always receive our optimal care recommendations, but ultimately the choice is yours. Thank you for reading this carefully and tell us what your expectations are. If you are accepted to begin care with us the following are care goal choices.

Your Choices of Care with us are:

  • Relief: Scheduled appointments until you feel better and come back when you feel bad. About 1-12 weeks*
  • Recovery: Scheduled appointments for supporting your health. 1 appointment per week to 1 appointment every 4 weeks depending on your needs; 12-month schedule

*Care needed will vary per individual. The time-line given is an average. Your actual time-line will vary depending on your current health level and your body’s receptive to care.